SessionRestore Highlights

Advanced Safari session management.

Super Useful

Autosave browsing sessions for peace of mind. Deep Integration right into Safari as a native Safari Extension. Highly intuitive, and easy to use.

Advanced Editing

Name your sessions, and provide custom notes which are all instantly searchable. Drag and drop sessions to merge, and reorder just the way you like.

Lightweight and Quick

SessionRestore has a minimilist interface, and is built using the latest macOS technologies and is designed to be fast and lightweight.

SessionRestore Videos

A quick introduction.

Saving and Restoring sessions

A quick tutorial showing how enable the SessionRestore extension in Safari, and show easy it is, to save and restore sessions.

Editing Sessions

A short tutorial showing some of SessionRestore's advanced editing features.

SessionRestore Screenshots

No distractions - always handy.

Advanced Options

Autosave - for carefree browsing

Powerful Search

Search everything!

Deeply Integrated

Available directly in Safari.

SessionRestore Questions

A quick introduction to session management.

What's a browser session?

A browser session consist's of all your browser windows and tabs. Depending on how fanatical you are, you could literally have hundreds! of open tabs.

Why do I need to save them?

This thankfully doesn't happen often, but all applications can, and do crash... Safari is no exception. Imagine losing all those tabs you have open for research. Not to mention all the resources consumed with multiple tabs open. You backup your computer often, (well.. you should be) and now you can easily do the same with your browser tabs using SessionRestore. Who needs clumsy bookmarks - Go one step further, and save groups of tabs for instant retrieval anytime.

Why use SessionRestore?

For peace of mind, for ease of use, because it looks nice. There are many benefits, and no downsides. Take a look at the video to see just how easy it is to use.

SessionRestore Features

  • Safari browsing session save and restore
  • fully configurable Autosave
  • full session editing
  • metadata search (name/urls/notes)
  • screenshots for easy identification
  • export/import for archiving
  • import from deprecated javascript extensions SessionRestore and Sessions
  • global hotkey configuration
  • handy Safari contextual menu options

What does SessionRestore support?

  • macOS 10.14.4 or better
  • Safari 12.1+
  • Localised for English, French